Rey Mysterio has not signed a new WWE contract

There was a slight change of plans at WWE Extreme Rules for the Eye For An Eye Match between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins.

They opted not to do a taped match with CGI effects that would show Rey’s eye coming out of its socket and they chose to do a regular match but they left things open-ended and said that they may be able to save Rey’s eye.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Rey has yet to sign a new contract but it’s expected that he will. So, if he signs a new deal then they can say that they were able to save his eye and he can resume his feud with Rollins.

Meltzer said, “He has not signed. My gut is still that he will but it has not happened yet. That finish was because he had not signed…They reason that they gave the open-ended thing that ‘we may save his eye’ is in case he does sign. That’s their out.”

It is interesting that Rey continues to work without a contract. If he gets a better deal from AEW then he could, in theory, show up on Dynamite this Wednesday night. However, all signs point towards Rey staying with WWE.

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