USA Network & FOX Both Getting Impatient & Frustrated With WWE’s Poor Ratings

FD5EA323-329C-42C7-A434-576D5492C74BWWE are currently experiencing their worst ever ratings slump, with RAW recently receiving it’s lowest EVER viewership figures. Fans and Superstars alike are growing frustrated with the company, and it seems that the network executives are too. Ringside News recently exclusively reported that the writers are backstage at RAW to keep Vince McMahon happy. They quite literally need a script because he tore up the one that they were planning to use.

A Ringside News source recently disclosed that WWE is feeling the pressure regarding their sinking ratings. They said “sh*t runs downhill,” which is making for a very stressful work environment, as some network executives are taking their frustrations out on anyone that they can underneath them. The backstage staff are said to be walking on eggshells at all times.

Ringside News have been told that “the story that FOX and USA Network are okay with waiting for people to come back into arenas is bullsh*t.” It has been believed for months now that WWE bringing fans back to arenas will encourage more viewers at home and a resurgence in viewing numbers. However, the networks seem to have now lost patience with WWE and want the situatuon sorted out ASAP.

To make matters worse, the imminent return of football is making the networks worry even more. NFL games are well known for taking a substantial chunk out of WWE’s viewership, which is largely something that WWE can’t do anything about. Football is by far the most popular sport in America and is something that WWE have historically always struggled to combat. #WhattaDay!™️

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