Editorial; Peyton Royce & Billie Kay Need To Reunite

Watching Peyton Royce battle her longtime best friend and former Iconic tag team partner Billie Kay was tough to watch last night on Monday Night RAW. Seeing these two in the ring as nemesis was, shall we say, off putting. The entrance theme songs seemed put together last minute thus creating a bit of confusion. And that’s putting it nicely. Just look at the social media outcry that invoked when Royce came to the ring. The two wrestled a so/so match and they hit all their marks but it was just a really odd sight to see. No more “Iconic” symbol to be shown as well as heard. No more of the tag team prowess that we have come to know and love from the Australian duo. No more of Billy Kay and her animated mic skills. Which was only emphasized more with the assistance of Peyton Royce. In the wrestling world, we all know anything can happen. Tag Teams come and go and some flourish and some don’t. The Iconics were a team. Like Yin & Yang..Salt & Pepper..Meat & Potatoes..McDonalds French fries and Burger King Chicken Sandwiches (mayo only) ok that last one is mine, but you get the picture. Memo to WWE: Reunite Peyton Royce & Billie Kay as soon as possible. We will forget what has transpired the past two weeks. We will chalk it up to an attempt to boost ratings. After all we are living in unprecedented times. Also when you do put them back together, put the women’s tag team title straps on them as well. They flourish with those belts and made for good entertainment. Peyton Royce & Billie Kay if you are reading g this, make it happen. After all you both are “Iconic!” #WhattaDay!™️

Published by: WhattaDayJoe

Host of #WhattaDay!™️ Show & The #WhattaDayPodcast Available On All Social Media Platforms. Broadcast Professional. Pro Wrestling Historian. Sports Reporter Covering New England Region.

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