Editorial: Lana Wins

Last night on Monday Night RAW, WWE Superstar Lana somehow overcame the odds and another power bomb through a table courtesy of Nia Jax to win the Women’s Battle Royal earning her a title shot at the RAW women’s championship against reigning champ AsuKa. The internet is all abuzz over this win and the same thought process has come to everyone’s mind; Why Lana? Why would the WWE grant Lana a title shot when she is not a full time wrestle, she is more of a social media influencer, model, etc. Most people feel there were several more deserving contenders to get this title shot. I disagree. We are no longer in a competitive type arena. The days of “climbing the ranks” and “paying dues” are long over. Sports Entertainment reigns supreme. The way we look at “wrestling” is no longer the same. Storylines change almost hourly it seems. Could their have been a better way for Lana to win? Maybe. The bottom line is the WWE and how they “create” stars has changed. Lana is a WWE Superstar. She has wrestled more than we know. But when you factor in her storylines and how she is handled creatively, that’s different. Her character is one of a beauty queen and she plays it well. She should it’s her job. She is talented, she is athletic and she is hardly injured. And we all know she loves TikTok and dancing. But who else in the WWE Women’s locker room doesn’t? Lana is part of a company that “entertains” million of people on a daily basis. Her audience is one of a new generation. A generation that does not know the true meaning of “Pro Wrestling.” I’m not discrediting these fans, they know what they know. I’m sure older generations didn’t like it when Hulkamania was running wild. And I’m sure there were fans who stopped watching when Bruno Sammartino gave up the tights and so on. The point I’m trying to make is that a new era is and has been upon us. Everyone is on the board now. Everyone is in play. Pro Wrestling is not what WWE is about anymore. Lana is just part of a huge wheel that generates viewers, ratings and most importantly money. Remember the old cliche’ titleholders are about getting people over..hopefully next week AsuKa will get Lana over.

Published by: WhattaDayJoe

Host of #WhattaDay!™️ Show & The #WhattaDayPodcast Available On All Social Media Platforms. Broadcast Professional. Pro Wrestling Historian. Sports Reporter Covering New England Region.

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