Brodie Lee..My Words

Jon Huber aka Brodie Lee passed away on Saturday and yet some 48 hours later it is still hard to process. The news has no doubt shocked the entire pro wrestling world. The tributes, photos, videos from around the world continue to pour in at this hour. A true sentiment for a man who was no doubt well liked and loved by his colleagues. From IMPACT to WWE and AEW the outpouring of affection has been incredible. What most people do not realize is that Jon may have been sick almost as two months ago. Very few people within his circle knew of his ailment. News may eventually get out as to how Jon had died, but in all honesty, it is a private family matter. Although Jon had lived in the spotlight, his private life was just that, private. His wife, Manda said Jon passed away from a non Covid lung disease. Having medical professionals in my circle, what I do know is it had to be something aggressive. I am not going to speculate on his cause of death, but having family members who have passed away within weeks of living a relatively healthy life, seems it was aggressive in nature and sudden. With that being said, I am seeing reports of him being in the ICU as early as two months ago. His last match was on October 7th in which he dropped the TNT title to Cody Rhodes. Which to me was a bit of a shock as “Brodie” seemed like he was in the prime of his AEW tenure. But his hospitalization does coincide with the time line. I am sure as the weeks pass we will eventually find out the cause of death. As for today we celebrate the life of Jon Huber aka Brodie Lee (AEW) Luke Harper (WWE). The on air tributes will most likely start tonight on RAW then carry over to AEW Wednesday night as well as NXT followed up by Smackdown on Friday night. Every single one much deserved. Sometimes it takes a village to help mourn the loss of a family member and today the entire wrestling world has come together to grieve. No storylines, no kayfabe, no one company is exempt from this loss. That’s the one true character of Jon Huber – He touched EVERYONES lives. Thank you Jon for your sacrifice and dedication to entertaining the masses. Thank you for being a great man, husband, father and friend. Rest In Peace Jon. See you on the other side.

Published by: WhattaDayJoe

Host of #WhattaDay!™️ Show & The #WhattaDayPodcast Available On All Social Media Platforms. Broadcast Professional. Pro Wrestling Historian. Sports Reporter Covering New England Region.

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