Monday Night RAW Preview

With the Royal Rumble now less than a week away RAW looks to build toward its PPV with a showdown between WWE Champion Drew McIntyre to meet WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg. Also WWE RAW Women’s Champion Asuka is set to defend her title against Alexa Bliss. Depending on which “Alexa” shows up will be interesting to say the least.

Also look for the Hurt Business To Settle Up With Matt Riddle.

Other stuff to keep an eye on

– Circling back to Fiend business, Randy Orton has vowed to not let the burns he suffered from Bliss’ fireball stop him from winning the Rumble. Will Bray returning from his own fiery fate keep The Viper from the WrestleMania main event? And, hey, where’s Edge?

– Why is Adam Pearce using AJ Styles as his Royal Rumble gatekeeper? And who will the Phenomenal One & Omos beat next to keep them out of Sunday’s match?

– Is RETRIBUTION going to keep beating Xavier Woods until Kofi Kingston is cleared?

– Are Jeff Hardy & Elias still feuding?

– Other than a robe, what is Lacey Evans going to get out of her relationship with Ric Flair? All her sometimes-tag partner got out of it is a meme, and some sore legs after a pissed off Queen kept her in the Figure Eight past the bell.

RAW’s Royal Rumble “Go Home” show kicks off LIVE tonight at 8 PM on USA Network.

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