Exclusive: Possible Reasons Why Murphy/Aalyah Mysterio Story Was Nixed

With the recent release of The Forgotten Son, Steve Cutler, it has come to light that he and Wesley Blake and Baron Corbin were set to have a storyline in which would involve Rey & Dominick Mysterio and Buddy Murphy. Since Cutler’s release the storyline was put aside along with another storyline that was gaining popularity. WhattaDay!™️ sources have recently uncovered a couple of reasons why WWE may have dropped the Murphy/Aalyah Mysterio storyline. The first thing to cast a somewhat controversial shadow over the pair was the age difference. Murphy who is 32 and Allyah who is 19 were involved in a “romantic” storyline which culminated with an onscreen kiss on Friday Night Smackdown some three months ago.

Aalyah & Murphy At Smackdown

This “kiss” went viral for various reasons on social media. Although most feedback was positive some several negative posts caught the eye of WWE management. An unidentified source at WWE told #WhattaDay!™️ that “The 12 year difference between the couple was more noticeable on when onscreen together.” When Aalyah accompanied Murphy to the ring for the big segment that night she came across more like a “teenager trying to get into a night club.” The source goes onto say “The storyline seemed to evolve from “a little girl having crush on an older man to full blown love” and some insiders did not agree with the angle. When asked who did not like the angle, the unidentified source said “It’s suffice to say it came from the top.”  With the storyline axed, rumors started swirling of a “fallout angle” or “injury angle” that never came about. Murphy has been at Smackdown Tapings all along but is just not being used at the moment, says the insider. There was also no appearance at this years Royal Rumble either which adds to Murphy’s frustration. Another possible reason for the demise of the Aalyah/Murphy storyline is more to do with WWE’s stance on popular storylines they never see through. Case(s) in point go back to Mike & Maria Kanellis’s 24/7 champion/pregnant baby angle, Otis & Mandys romance and the list goes on. WWE insiders say that this is “par for the course on the creative side of the business.” WhattaDay!™️ has had exclusive interviews with previously released talent and it appears to be a common theme. To quote former WWE Superstar Maria Kanellis, who was on the WhattaDay! Podcast over the summer, “The company does not care how popular a storyline gets, they only want to see if it can generate money.” 

Aalyah Mysterio Exits The Thunder Dome

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