Contrary To Reports, No Matches Were Changed By Vince McMahon Prior To Both Nights Of Wrestlemania

Contrary to reports from independent wrestling journalists, Vince McMahon made no changes to matches or outcomes prior to both nights of Wrestlemania. WhattaDay! sources confirm that Vince McMahon and the creative writing team made changes to certain matches, however, there was nothing to the extent of altering the match outcomes. WhattaDay Joe speaking via conference call with WWE sources noted that “Vince is always open to the idea of potential outcomes and match placements on the card, but no matches were changed last minute.” The source goes on to say that “Although night one proved treacherous in the weather department, matches such as Drew and Lashley were scheduled to open the show and to have Lashley retain the title were decided a week before.” “The story that came out late last week in regards to The Fiend/Orton ending as well as the Triple Threat Match between Reigns, Edge and Daniel Bryan outcome were set two weeks prior and nothing was changed.” The source mentions that the only real change in the card was the overall line up and whether or not Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks would close night one. “Obviously, we know that Bianca/Sasha were going to main event, it was just a matter of which night.” WhattaDay Joe also asked whether or not the story about Vince sending fans home happy on Sunday night was a deciding factor in the decision to have Roman Reigns either win or lose the source said “absolutely not.” “The decision to keep the title on Roman was made weeks ago and any other stories out there are false.” WhattaDay Joe continues to dig into these stories to find the real answers and to keep the integrity of wrestling alive.

Published by: WhattaDayJoe

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