The Iiconics To Get New Name And Possibly A New Home

The two members of the former WWE tag team The Iiconics appear to have a new name. Jessica McKay (formerly Billie Kaye) & Cassandra Lee McIntosh, — formerly known as Peyton Royce — has filed for a trademark that has to signal the new team moniker for when the duo gets hired by another wrestling promotion.

The two have talked about coming as a “package deal” to whatever company brings them in next, so it only makes sense they would be planning to have a new team name to go along with their return. Their non-competes aren’t terribly far from expiration and there’s some talk that wrestlers have asked WWE to forego those 90-day clauses. We have no confirmation the tag team is among those talents who have asked, but the timing of the trademark could be interesting.

Playing off the old name with two Is, the new trademark is for “The IInspiration.” the attorney of record is Micahel E. Dockins. He just so happens to be the attorney for many of the talent in AEW. He was also helpful in getting the duo’s new podcast, “Off Her Chops” trademarked, as he did help Royce with her new in-ring singles name, “Cassie Lee”. This has also prompted wrestling insiders to suggest the two may be headed to All Elite Wrestling.

The trademark filing was filed on June 14, 2021 and covers merchandise, “Entertainment in the nature of wrestling contests; Entertainment services, namely, live appearances by a professional wrestling and sports entertainment personalities”, plus providing wrestling content online.

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