The Girl In The Night Ranger Video: Sister Christian

The Girl In The Night Ranger Video: Macha Bennet-Sheppard

August 1, 1981 – The birth of MTV changed the way a generation listened to music. It also changed the music business. Back then, songs were introduced via a music video and then played on the radio. Any song that came across the FM dial was quickly remembered for its music video.

The year was 1984 and a group called Night Ranger put out a low budget video for a song that became blockbuster hit. That song of course was “Sister Christian.”  The video became a hit and is best remembered not for the band but for its leading lady and the story of her transformation from high school to the real world. The girl in the video was Macha Bennet-Shephard. Back then she was known as Annie Hubbard. The young aspiring actress was paid $250 for the two day shoot at San Rafael High School. To this day Macha recalls how she got the call to be in the music video for a group she did not even know about. She does recall that MTV played the video on the hour every hour for months and received a lot of publicity because of that.

Macha Bennet-Shepherd Today

The video was so popular that Night Ranger hired her for their second chart topping hit “When You Close Your Eyes.” Macha said they recruited her for that song in hopes of replicating the success of Sister Christian.

The song has since become a cult classic popping up on radio stations all over the world and has been used in various movies.

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